Touchtone Program

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Manual Imprinter
For each in-person sale that you make you will want to imprint the customer's credit card on a manual sales draft using a manual imprinter. Known in the old days as a "Knucklebuster" by many merchants because of their poor design, the new imprinters are designed for ease of use and safety.

The main reason why you will want to imprint the customer's credit card and have them sign the sales draft is because this will allow you to meet the requirements of major credit card providers should the customer attempt to dispute that the sale took place. By imprinting the card you can prove that the customer was physically present and authorized the sale. This will help eliminate the customer charging back the sale and will provide you a written record of the transaction.

The sturdy manual imprinters that we sell are the best in the marketplace. When in stock you will receive the Addressograph Bartizan 2010 imprinter.

Our cost for a manual imprinter and a pack of manual sales drafts is just $35.00 + $6.00 shipping.

Simply let Kevin know when you sign up for the Touchtone Program if you would like to purchase a manual imprinter and we will have it shipped to you right away.

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